Zsu Atelier is the home of the quintessential private rejuvenating experience.



Zsuzsanna is a Hungarian born beauty artisan with 25-years of international skin health experience. She has a passion for nurturing both inner and outer beauty and her treatments follow a holistic approach, which incorporate meditation. Zsuzsanna’s bespoke facial treatments are designed to naturally lift, tighten and leave the skin glowing and radiant. She is committed to preserving her client’s youthfulness through a unique approach to treating the skin with acquired masterful techniques to health and beauty.

‘I have a tremendous empathy for my clients and apply decades of wellbeing knowledge and innovative skincare practice to help them achieve their best skin health.’

the Atelier

Zsu Atelier is an exquisite treatment haven with an attention to detail that typifies Zsuszanna’s philosophy and approach towards her clients. A luxury environment that is a personal retreat, which offers a finnish sauna, steam room, infrared sauna and relaxation space, that is exclusively dedicated to the privacy of Zsu Atelier’s client’s wellbeing.

‘I designed Zsu Atelier to be an experience embodied by attention to detail and a personal service that is more akin to a luxury resort.’

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2000 Szentendre, Barackos út 119.