Nowadays, we are convinced, if we eat healthy and varied, and of course exercise regularly, we can do good not only with our soul, but also with our body. To tell the truth, who does not want to be super healthy and fit at the same time!

But how can we achieve all this?

Should we try another dietary supplement? Should we stand for a trendy fasting cure? Should we count all the calories we eat?

No, no and not again. We can also opt for a much simpler, barely restrictive, less effortless, and healthier method.


Even when we wake up from our dreams, we know that regular exercise is important. Just as the more vegetables and fruits we eat, the more likely we are to eat a balanced diet.

The seven-day Rainbow diet also based on these principles, and can be repeated or extended at any time. The color diet is based on a 2002 American study that Mindy Weisel and her two daughters thought further. Their book on this was published in 2003, in which they brush off the principles and benefits of Rainbow at length.

Both vegetables and fruits contain many of the vitamins, trace elements, fiber, and carbohydrates that the human body needs. According to the authors, it is important to classify these raw materials by color. If we eat different colors of vegetables and fruits every day, we can make our diet more balanced and even healthier.

Everyone works differently, so before you start Rainbow, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor or dietitian about your plans.


– eat little at a time, but eat at least five times a day,

– pay attention to the color grouping and follow the instructions,

– we limit the amount of fruit (fruit sugar!),

– eat vegetables and fruits as raw as possible,

– avoid foods that contain added sugars,

– we also avoid the intake of refined carbohydrates during the diet,

and drink enough water every day!


White / colorless vegetables and fruits – such as garlic, onion, turnip, etc. – they can support not only the proper functioning of our immune system but also our digestion. In addition to the fibers they contain, they also contain potassium, which can help balance our blood pressure. Their magnesium content is also significant: magnesium can be involved in both collagen production and bone building.

Vegetables and fruits that boast a red color contain many antioxidants that can help bind harmful free radicals that have accumulated in our bodies. Ergo, the aging of our cells may slow down and the chances of developing tumors may be lower. So let’s eat plenty of raspberries, red apples, radishes, tomatoes, red peppers, and more!

Green-colored vegetables and fruits contain a lot of chlorophyll, which can contribute to hematopoiesis and at the same time cleanse blood vessels as well as blood vessel walls. Chlorophyll can also support cell building and cell regeneration by removing heavy metals that have accumulated in our bodies. Take lots of green vegetables and fruits (sorrel, cucumber, parsley, green apples, grapes)!

Orange and lemon yellow vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamin A and vitamin C, as well as potassium. They can have a good effect on our skin and the proper functioning of our immune system. Oranges are also rich in carotene, so they can help keep our eyes healthy. Whether we prefer lemons and oranges, or peaches or carrots, let’s eat them in abundance!

Blue or purple vegetables and fruits (blueberries, cabbage, eggplant, beets, plums) are full of vitamin C and vitamin E. They can help our cells regenerate and even reduce the development of various cardiovascular diseases. They can also contribute to the beauty and hydration of our skin, and may even delay the process of wrinkling. Let’s bring in enough of each!


It cannot be said enough that various vegetables and fruits contain all the important vitamins, minerals and trace elements that our body and our skin needs at the same time.

If we consume enough of these, our bodies can produce more collagen, making our skin more elastic, brighter and healthier. Our existing fine lines and deep wrinkles may fade and new grooves are less likely to form on our faces. And let’s not forget about blackheads, acne and other skin blemishes, which we can also say goodbye to if we take in enough vegetables and fruits every day!


If you go on the Rainbow diet all the way, we should also reward ourselves with a soothing facial treatment! Sign up for a facial too!

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