It is definitely important for you to preserve your natural beauty and the elasticity of your facial skin. Even if you are one of the lucky ones who is immaculate even after  sunbathing, you can take care of your skin without much effort.  It can be a good start to develop a morning and evening facial routine that you then consistently adhere to every day.

5 quick lessons

1, Over time, skin care becomes more and more important without the appropriate nourishment.  While as a teenager it was enough to throw a simple tonic into your toiletry bag, by the age of thirty, more and more facial care products would have to fit in it.

2, Sunbathing, pollution, smog, and even humid air can harm your beauty. Of course, only if you don’t devote enough time to regular and thorough skin care.

3, The condition of your skin is also affected by environmental influences. Much also depends on your eating habits. With a varied diet, you can expect radiant facial skin. If you want to be really effective, you can also eat seeds rich in fiber and vitamins (flax, pumpkin and sesame seeds) against wrinkles and skin problems.

4, Sport is good for the heart, lungs and facial skin. With a hearty workout, you can relieve tension and also banish toxins forever. In addition to making you feel good, your skin will also be beautified – thanks to the oxygen released in your cells.

5, If your skin is dehydrated or  oily, you are probably using the wrong face care products. Some that are not designed for your skin type or  do not remedy your current skin care problems. 

Skincare products – where to start?

It is worth starting with the cleaning, for which we recommend lukewarm water. The point is to gently yet effectively remove dirt and dead skin cells on your face. This way, your skin can be rejuvenated and breathed.

Depending on your skin type, you can choose from several cleansers: there are already gels, foams and creams, but a combined version of these is also available. If you want to remove your makeup along with the dirt during cleaning, use combination products!

The next step is toning, during which you can remove the remaining impurities and restore the pH of your skin. For this, we recommend a gentle, liquid micellar water that is gentle on your skin and is quickly absorbed. Since it evaporates right away, you can even continue layering right away with moisturiser and makeup.

There are many products among toners that can help regenerate your skin. You will find suitable for normal, dry, dehydrated, oily or combination skin. Once you have the selected micellar water, all you have to do is apply it to your skin. As for the result, it doesn’t matter if you do it by dripping on a cotton ball or by spraying.

The last phase of daily skin care is hydration. If you finish in the morning, before you leave, you may want to choose a product that stimulates your skin’s collagen production and protects it from damage caused by sunlight.

If you hydrate before going to bed, then let it float before your eyes that your skin needs soothing, rest. Choose a nourishing, regenerating moisturizer for the night!

Whether you are looking for a moisturiser day or night, avoid 2 in 1 formulations! After all, your skin needs completely different active ingredients during the day and at night. If you choose carefully according to your skin type, your skin can be fresh and youthful.

For tip top skin health

In addition to the usual cleansing and toning, you should also consider scrubbing your face if you want radiant skin. If you use a facial scrub at least once a week, you can easily get rid of dead epithelial cells and also support the regeneration of your skin.
Whether it’s detoxification, general cleansing or increasing the collagen production in your skin, you can always count on a face mask. One or two times a week is enough to provide intensive care. Plus, while you’re on your face, you also have time to relax.

Have you tried most skin care products but none of them use it? Not enough cleaning and erasing? You can do more for the beauty of your facial skin. Make an appointment for a skin rejuvenation treatment right here!

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